Clarus is the answer to your next rush project!
We’ll ship in 2 business days
With the Clarus Quick Ship program

Let Team Clarus make you a hero on your next
rush project with Quick Ship Float Boards.
Tight deadlines are no problem!
Quick Ship products ship within 48 hours and
expedited freight options are available.
quick ship board

Available for Quick Ship

The industry leading Glassboard Float,
available in Magnetic Pure White, in a range of
popular sizes. Need something more custom?
No problem, click to build your Clarus Board



  • Q: What exactly does “Quick Ship” mean?
    A: Our Quick Ship program was created to make you the hero. Sometimes the need for an incredible writing surface is immediate. For times like these, we have the Clarus Quick Ship program!
  • Q: How fast is “Quick?”
    A: Qualifying orders will ship within two business days of a PO!
  • Q: Are any other Clarus products offered under Quick Ship?
    A: We are excited to focus on offering our most popular product, Float, in our most popular color (White) and most popular sizes (2×3, 3×4, 4×6, and 4×8). Of course, Clarus offers any size and color Glassboard through our standard programs.
  • Q: How is it possible to ship so quickly?
    A: We realize the increasing nature of rush business and stocked up in popular sizes of Float. These boards are the same Clarus quality which we stand for, just faster!

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